Batch #2 – Day ?

Just received ingredients for the second batch from Home Brew Sake. From left, 40oz of Koji [麹], Sake yeast [酒酵母], and 10 lbs of 60%-polished rice [酒造米]. These (+ water) are the main ingredients for about 2 gallons of Sake.

I have two goals for Batch #2: 1) brew it less sweet, and 2) increase the yield. Batch #1 was a little too sweet maybe because we rushed for pressing too early. As the fermentation process was stopped early, there was more sugar in Sake than optimal. Also it resulted in less yield, as the rice mash was not fully converted to alcohol. The plan is to increase the initial fermentation temperature a little bit to give both Koji and yeast a good head start and then lower the temperature to control the flavor.

I know it’s too technical for those just waiting to taste good Sake. So, Batch #2 should be ready before Thanksgiving!


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