About Sake South

Sake South is a start-up micro sake brewery based in Nashville, Tennessee. Our premium sake is hand crafted by small batches using the authentic sake brewing method.

While the art of sake brewing was developed long long time ago in Japan, its secret has never been available outside of the country. It was until very recent when we became able to access craft-made sake in the United States. Now we are bringing this secret to Nashville.

Sake South makes fresh premium sake – the sake that you might have never tasted. It’s a “junmai,” a Japanese word translated as “pure rice,” meaning the sake is made of 100% rice, which gives rich and complex flavor. And it’s a “ginjo” style, which adds fruity and spicy aroma. This is not a sake for “sake bomb” or “hot sake,” but something that you want to enjoy slightly chilled, accompanying your favorite dish at the dinner table.

Currently we are working hard to make our prototype production scalable so that you can enjoy our freshly pressed sake widely in Nashville. Progress of the project will be updated here as well as on our Facebook Page.

– Toji (Master Brewer) @ Sake South Brewing Co.